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Animal Zone

Our animal encounter area, indoor animal discovery barn and working farm allow children to interact with a variety of different animals.

Whether you love meerkats or cows, cuddly rabbits or Amazon parrots, the Puxton Animal Zone has different opportunities for children to interact with the animals in our care. 

The Animal Discovery Barn

The Animal Discovery Barn

We host talks, shows and animal pampering and encounters in our indoor animal discovery barn

The animal barn is a sheltered building we use to house many of our animals. There are plenty of daily activities where you can meet our animal team, and interact with the animals in our care. There is an ‘animal encounters’ area that is home to our rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoise, parrots and Belgian hare you can come and pet these beautiful creatures and learn how our team cares for them at 11 am and 3 pm (unless otherwise advertised in our daily schedule). Or take a look at our bug house, where we keep our giant millipede, hissing cockroach, stick insects and fruit beetles. Then there are loads of pens where you might see any variety of four-legged friends, from reindeer to the new spring lambs, depending on the season. Finally, there’s our 250 seat theatre where we host a series of shows on weekends and in school holidays, including an animal show at 11.30 am and the regular owl encounter at 2 pm (unless otherwise advertised in our daily schedule)


A daily schedule of activities is available from reception.

Meerkat Manor

Meerkat Manor

Meet our lively mob of meerkats in Meerkat Manor!

Meerkats are highly sociable and love to live in groups. With viewing windows around the enclosure, children and adults alike can watch our gang as they scamper and play in the comfort of their home. Come along to the Q and A with the keepers at 1.30pm every day.

Crazy Creature & Monkey House

Crazy Creature & Monkey House

In the animal zone, a variety of small monkeys and reptiles, exotic mammals and insects all live in our brand new Crazy Creature House.

The species of monkeys that will live here are called Marmoset Monkeys. They are wonderful monkey's to have here at Puxton as they naturally have a very gentle, yet playful demeanour. The Creature House is home to European reptiles like Eyed-Lizards and Hermans Tortoises as well as mammals of the world like Tenrecs and Short-tailed Opossum and insects of the world like Giant African millipedes and Leaf Insects.
The public are invited to take part in daily information and feeding sessions with Puxton's knowledgeable animal team. These "exotic creatures" aren't just be highly entertaining to watch, but they provide fantastic educational opportunities for the families and schools that visit the park every year.
Farm Animals

Farm Animals

Here at Puxton, we keep many different types of farm animals. Any of our animal team will be more than happy to chat to you or answer any questions you may have about the animals in the Park

Donkey and miniature donkey 

Poultry; Chickens, geese and turkeys

African Pygmy & Toggenburg goats 

Miniature Shetland and Shetland cross Falabella ponies 

Badger face, Jacob and Cameroon Sheep 

Rare breed pigs 


Long Horn Cattle


Animal feed is available for £1 on reception. Any of our hoofstock can be fed apart from the ponies and donkeys. 

Domestic Animals

Domestic Animals

Puxton Park is home to many domestic animals


Guinea Pigs 


Exotic Animals

Exotic Animals

Puxton Park is home to many exotic animals


Amazon Parrots

Sulpher-crested Cockatoo





Chinese Quail 

Madagascan Hissing Cockroach


Fruit Beetle

Stick insects 

Puxton Farm & Dairy

Puxton Farm & Dairy

See award-winning, pedigree cattle on a real life dairy farm

Our on-site dairy is where our organic herd of pedigree Holstein and Jersey cows can be seen being looked after by our friendly herdsmen. Come inside the cow shed and you’ll see our calf pre-school section, who are all reared on site and fed our wholesome organic milk produced by their mothers. At Puxton Park we firmly believe in connecting farming with education and therefore offer fun and informative dairy talks every day at 3.30 pm

The Cheese Factory

The Cheese Factory

Award winning artisan cheesemakers

The cheese factory at Puxton Park makes the multi-award winning Gorwydd (pronounced Gor-with) Caerphilly. The producers use traditional techniques to make this territorial favourite, originating from Southern Wales. Milk from our award-winning organic Holstein and Jersey cows is gravity-fed through a direct pipeline from the dairy straight into the factory ready to be made into curds. This physical link not only positively influences the quality and texture of the cheese but allows for visitors at Puxton Park to see, with total transparency, how the cheese is made.

Gorwydd Caerphilly won super gold in the World Cheese Awards, gold in the British Cheese Awards, gold in the Artisan Cheese Awards, gold in the International cheese awards and gold in the Global Cheese Awards in just 2016 alone. You can find Gorwydd Caerphilly in the Puxton Farm Shop and Butchers at the deli counter

The Maze of Knowledge

The Maze of Knowledge

Have you got the answers to get out on the other side?

Are you a future farmer? The Puxton Park Maze of Knowledge tests your animal knowhow – do you know why pigs like to roll in the mud or how many tail feathers a peacock has? If you can answer the questions you just might get out on the other side!

Be sure to attend our animal encounter sessions at times throughout the day to learn your stuff before you give it a go (check with reception for seasonal daily schedules).