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10 Reasons Why Grandparents Rock

19 Jul 2017

Ten reasons why grandparents rock

1) Grandparents provide a companion and confidant. Having a grandparent around to talk to helps encourage better behaviour and social skills in children.

2) Grandparents provide emotional support for family issues. A grandparent provides the child with a safe and trusted role-model.

3) Grandparents pass on family history. Family history makes up a significant part of our own identity – which is why so many people still want to know and understand where they come from and who their ancestors were.

4) Grandparents provide children with a role model for ageing. Grandparents who live active, healthy lives also serve as role models for their grandchildren to aspire to physically.

5) Grandparents help children to better understand family relationships. The bond between a child’s grandparents and parent can help him, or her understand that conflict can be overcome without having a lasting effect on a loving family relationship.

6) Grandparents provide an alternative viewpoint. They can provide advice on important life issues!

7) Grandparents teach the value of family. Children who enjoy a close relationship with their grandparents are shown what an important role extended family plays in the family dynamic.

8) Grandparents teach children new skills. Grandparents can teach their grandchildren skills that they may not have the opportunity to learn elsewhere.

9) Grandparents teach kids not to sweat the small stuff. Most Grandparents are at a point in their lives where they can step back and realise that fretting over every little obstacle doesn’t do anybody any good.

10) Kids with grandparents who take an active role lead happier lives. And finally, children in families where the grandparents are active, are far more likely to lead happier lives overall.

A big thank you to all Grannies, Grandpas, Grandmas, Grandads, Nannies, Nans and Grampies!

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