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Merry Go Gromit at Puxton Park

Merry Go Gromit at Puxton Park

Date: 02/07/2018 // Start Time: 09:00

Puxton Park is proud to be sponsoring Merry-go-Gromit. For children, the classic carousel is a magical voyage; for adults, it's a nostalgic ride through their youth. A wistful memory of half-timbered horses bounding at a seaside fair. A relaxing ride if you've go nowhere to go, 'Merry-Go-Gromit' is inspired by the lights, mirrors, cheerful tunes, and a colorful hand-carved prancing steeds of a simpler time. Designed with a sparkly update, this dazzling sculpture is designed by artist Emily Golden! You can find this themepark pony galloping in Puxton Park.

The Gromit Sculpture is located outside of Puxton Park reception.

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