Puxton Park Introduces Accessibility & Inclusivity Focus

Puxton Park Introduces Accessibility & Inclusivity Focus

Puxton Park aims to provide an enjoyable day out for all of its visitors and inclusivity and accessibility has always been at the core of their business values.


According to Revitalise, a national charity that creates holidays for disabled people and their carers, there are 13.3 million disabled people living in the UK, including 800,000 disabled children under the age of 16. 10.4% of those with a disability or impairment live in the South West of England.


With this in mind, Puxton Park has made it our mission to ensure that new play equipment, infrastructure and daily operations are as inclusive and accessible as possible. This year alone, the park has invested in an accessible roundabout which can be used by children of mixed abilities as well as a state of the art wheelchair accessible trampoline. The wide, paved paths throughout the park also allow for wheelchair access to all of the site’s attractions including their accessible tractor ride and train carriage.


In addition to this, the park has concentrated on developments, new ideas and initiatives to best support the neurodiverse community. The concept of neurodiversity aims to reduce stigma around learning and thinking difficulties. It’s a way of viewing differences in the brain as mere differences rather than defects. It challenges misconceptions around learning difficulties. Neurodiversity considers the whole range of human minds and discourages viewing one style of brain functioning as right or normal.


Georgina Francis, Operations Manager of Puxton Park, says: “Being an inclusive attraction has always been extremely important to us. We have worked closely with Weston College and have had the privilege of taking part in their neurodiversity training workshops. This training was enlightening and informative and opened our eyes to the opportunities and initiatives we can take part in to best support the disabled and neurodiverse communities. We continue to grow our business partnership with Weston College and thank them for their continued support.”


As part of their inclusivity and accessibility programme, Puxton Park has announced the introduction of the Nimbus Access Card Scheme. This scheme will support our neurodiverse and disabled visitors by providing communication of a person’s needs and act as proof of access requirements. As part of this initiative, the Park has also invested in Ear Defenders which can rented out free of charge from the park’s reception and customer service desk.


For PR enquiries or questions, please email Grace@puxton.co.uk or call 01934523500