Sustainability and Green Credentials

Puxton Park is committed to sustainability and endeavour to continuously improve environmental management on and around the park.

The Puxton Park reception building is covered in a living, green roof. The sedum planted there is incredibly absorbent and grows in shallow matts layered across it. This system dramatically reduces rainfall run-off because the water is collected by the plants and drained more slowly, which helps to prevent flash flooding. It also filters pollutants, creates a wildlife friendly space, protects the roof materials from weathering and frost and even works as insulation, reducing energy costs.

In addition to this, the around fifty percent of the park is run from solar energy, with panels lining both the farm shop, dairy barn and cheese factory roofs. Puxton is also partnered with a nine and three quarter megawatt solar panel farm that provides energy for the national grid.

Puxton Park also recycles 100% of the cardboard and paper waste on site. New bins have been installed around the park in 2017, so that litter can be sorted and added to our recycling program. Puxton Park was awarded a Bronze Green Tourism Award for our efforts to source local and fair-trade products and services, to reduce our energy and offset our carbon footprint. We are delighted to keep working towards a more sustainable park here at Puxton and the management welcome feedback and suggestions.